Digital Chemistry

by Sensitiser

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released March 10, 2017

Jeremy Burke engineer/mixing/editing
Deven Correla mastering
Album art work by Nathan Sargeant



all rights reserved


Sensitiser Galveston, Texas

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Track Name: Havoc
(verse 1)
the silence in this fog
pushes me
further than I've ever been
I feel the condensation cling to me
as the air begins to sweat

(pre chorus)
and I fantasize of
what's left of the wind

we've seen this all fade
just one more day
is all we need

(verse 2)
to survive this plague
that we have made
it haunts our shores
so we're forced to the sea

in graves we'll end up at the
end of the day
redefine what it means to live and die x2

(verse 3)
tears fill the brim of this glass
fighting to control
what's left in this world
and I've finally realized the pain
that was felt
and so these tired eyes
have become so pale

and can you lay here
waiting for the storm
Track Name: Obstinate Oppressor
(verse 1)
why do you try to save us
from the answer
you've been giving us the same

(pre chorus)
I can see the lies so clearly
this fire inspires burns

(bridge 1)
you want us to run
you want us to hide

they shall see you have no power
over me
time will heal
we live to see another day

(break down)
I can feel
the pieces coming togetherX2

(verse 2)
feel life coming from the fire
in this place that we have held to
for so long

no one will survive
who will surviveX2
Track Name: Augmentation
(verse 1)
can you feel the pain
in everything
shallow roots engraved
to our veins
why do we falter
under the weight
and shadows perceive us
cast away

(bridge 1)
a shape takes form

(verse 2)
what does it mean
how do we decide this
all the ways we could try

life found a way
to construct itself
through the darkness
that fell upon it

(bridge 2)
As the darkness grows
Then my wounds will heal
As my hands are buried
Fingers tear the soil

life has found a way to
hold on
life has found a way to
Track Name: Safe Space
(verse 1)
I've tread these
troubled waters
hoping to find a lead
I'm stuck within the
center of this

(bridge 1)
try to erase the
existence from this place
that confined me

(pre chorus)
I've rediscovered who I was
trying to decide why I should
land on my feet again

land on my feet again

wash my self from the sky
and watch the clouds pass me by
I've never felt quite so free
before I found the key

(verse 2)
I have hung my head down
so many times
there were moments in my life
that I thought that I
would expire

no way
no way
feels like the first time living